Atsuko Yamahiro, MD

Resident, HIV Primary Care Track


Yale School of Medicine


The Yale Primary Care HIV track combines my interests for HIV, primary care, and Internal medicine. The patients I see at the Nathan Smith Clinic are teaching me so much about HIV from the use of Antiretroviral Treatment, opportunistic infections management, general primary care problems, as well as the social issues behind HIV disease. The preclinic lectures, case conferences, and standardized patient sessions that the program has provided so far, have allowed me to develop new skills and to absorb information in different settings. The program, the faculty and staff are extremely dedicated. It is quite a relief to leave the hectic inpatient units sometimes and go to the Nathan Smith HIV Clinic, a place where I can catch my breath and see the staff who are so warm and friendly, and to the faculty who always want to teach and are consistently supportive. I am very glad that I have chosen the Yale Primary Care HIV Training Track. I hope that if you are interested in learning more, that you will reach out to us and ask any questions about this innovative program!