Katrin Sadigh, MD

Resident, HIV Primary Care Track


Yale School of Medicine


In a small village on the coast of Kenya, I worked with the Peace Corps to train teachers to integrate a new HIV/AIDS curriculum, created by the Kenyan Ministry of Health, in their classrooms, and to link children orphaned by AIDS to PEPFAR. From the vistas in northern Uganda to its heavily peopled capital, I worked as a medical student to understand the story of HIV as it took hold and was told by a region, and came to see how it was linked to that of the people in the States, to people all over the world.

This story of HIV is one in which I want to take part in a more meaningful way, not just as a physician but as a defender of human rights—and the HIV track at Yale School of Medicine Primary Care Program has provided the launching pad. With numerous resources and opportunities for scholarship and research at my disposal, and invaluable mentorship, I am developing clinical skills in Internal Medicine as well as quickly gaining the confidence and knowledge to provide care to patients with HIV. Already, as I make my way to clinic, I feel as though I am home, in the company of compassionate and adept colleagues, working to redefine the future of HIV medicine. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone with an interest in HIV and a desire to take part in an innovative approach to addressing a pressing need in medicine.